$1 a day helps you increase giving!

$1 a day helps you increase giving!

“Pastors need to stop thinking only about giving when they do a capital campaign and start thinking about it 365 days a year.”  Pastor Ronnie Floyd who pastors a top 100 sized church in America and the current Southern Baptist President told me that not long ago.  He is spot on!  Yet who has the time to think of one more thing?  Or who has the training and expertise?  I do!

For the last year I have been helping a handful of churches increase their giving through The Stewardship Coach.  My weekly offering talks, seasonal giving manuals and personalized approaches have led to an increase in giving across the nation.  Now it is time to take this to a new level!

In just a few days I will announce the launch of Giving365.  Giving365 will basically be exactly what you find here at The Stewardship Coach.  You will still get the same personalize help that no other monthly giving program provides.  What will be different?  For one thing the price.  I will be charging $365 dollars a year, or $1 dollar a day to help you increase your giving and givers!  Think about it for a dollar a day you get your own stewardship coach.

Do plans like this really work?  Here is what one pastor wrote me recently…

“32% is how much your coaching helped us increase our giving last year!”  A pastor in Virginia

I already use Giving Rocket.  Here is what one pastor told me after switching to my plan…

“I used to use Giving Rocket but I found your offering talks to be better AND you send them directly to me.  With Giving Rocket I had to go and find them.”   A pastor in Georgia

Giving Rocket has been used by many and if that works for you stay with them.  However if you are ready for something new, something better AND something less costly then consider Giving365.

How Does Giving365 compare to Giving Rocket?  Here are the major differences…

Giving Rocket                                  Giving365

$ 89 a month/$997 year.                  $365 a year/$59.95 a month.

You access site for materials.          Materials sent directly to your inbox.

No personal interaction.                   Weekly live coaching and email access to The Stewardship Coach 24/7!

You are 1 of a 1,000 plus                    Limited number of churches thus allowing me the ability to personalize your plan.

I will be launching this soon but for a select few I am offering you a unique opportunity.  Try it now for only $1 for 14 days.  To start your 14 day trial go to               http://www.1shoppingcart.com/SecureCart/SecureCart.aspx?mid=9ED81B2D-84D3-4ECB-B9D5-81943D48C75A&pid=e1aed1ee500143ce915727297027a146&bn=1    

Let me help your church be fully funded this year with Giving365!

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach


My mission is to reverse the decline in giving one church at a time!