The best athletes always work to get better.  From Peyton Manning to Tiger Woods great athletes know the value of a coach to help them get to the top and stay there.  Who coaches you when it comes to increasing giving at your church?

Did you know that top performing church leaders get coaching as well.  For nearly two decades I have been helping churches all across the country increase their giving so that they are fully funded.  From Joel Osteen to pastors of churches running less than 100 I have helped them all.  Now I am offering my years of experience as a Senior Pastor and stewardship coach to you.

You might be saying, “That’s great for a big church but I could never afford to get that kind of help.”  Wrong!!!!!  I have made my stewardship coaching…Affordable, Easy and Effective.

Here is what you get…

• Weekly editions of The Stewardship Coach containing key thoughts, advice and plans.

• Weekly offering talks to increase giving during the offering.

• Access to a weekly webinar with me where you can ask questions and get specific giving help!

• Monthly sample email and direct mail letters that will increase giving.

• Monthly stewardship sermons.

• Social Media advice, strategies and suggestions to connect with donors and increase giving!

• All manuals and e-books for free like “2014 Successful Easter Giving Plan,” “The Fully Funded Summer,” The Maximized Annual Campaign,” “How to Increase End of Year Giving” and more that each sell for $39.95!

Not only do you get all this but you also get to email me directly once a week with any questions you have or to review your letters and plans!  No other service out there provides such personalized detailed service.  With The Stewardship Coach you are not simply a number but an actual client that we care deeply about.

The goal of my life is to reverse the decline in giving one church at a time!  Let me help you and your church be fully funded this year!