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What Would You Do With 24%?

What would you do with 24% if that amount of money came into your church from Thanksgiving to the end of the year?  24% of charities giving comes from Thanksgiving to the end of the year.  What percentage of your annual giving comes in these last crucial weeks?  While hopefully it is not that much none the less a huge percentage of our annual giving does come in those last few weeks. If you had a plan of action for end of year giving at your church you would get some of that 24% that is going to non-profit charities! […]

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Are You Ignoring the Facts?

Are you ignoring the facts of the churches decline?  Giving to the church as a percent of Americans incomes has dropped from 3.11% in 1968 to now at 2.3% and declining.  At the current rate of decline giving to the church by 2050 will be at 1%!  Yet when I talk about and write about this church leaders shrug their shoulders, yawn or worse act like this reality is not their problem. WAKE UP!  The decline in giving is impacting churches large and small.  While the current economic climate is certainly not helping it has little to do with the […]

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The Kind of Church I Pray For

Yesterday I responded to a church telling them in essence they were not the kind of church I pray for as a stewardship partner.  This is the second time I have said this to the same church.  The last time a couple on the committee said I was obnoxious.  I was surprised when three years later they again wanted me to submit a Request For Proposal something we just don’t do.  Why?  Because when you send an RFP all you get back is cut and paste answers from companies.  We are not interested in programs but in partnerships that lead […]

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How to Make Your Offering Exciting

If you are ever going to improve your giving you must learn how to make your offering exciting!  Frankly the offering is the most boring moment of the worship service.  Most of the time it is an afterthought.  Most leaders never even give any thought to setting up the offering for success much less making it exciting.  I believe we must change that and here is how. You need to Elevator Pitch Your Offerings! An old story goes that a young writer enters an elevator with the producer of a big movie house.  The writer has thirty seconds to sell his […]

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Spend 10% to 20% on Stewardship!

10% to 20% of your time every week should be spent on stewardship!  I made that comment recently on one of our Monday Morning With Mark The Stewardship Coach webinars.  I could almost hear guys falling off their chairs.  I know, on top of your busy week here I am adding more to the work load.  Yet I firmly believe that you MUST spend time in stewardship planning to be fully funded.  [button color=”#COLOR_CODE” background=”#COLOR_CODE” size=”medium” src=””]Download This Issue[/button]

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