Years from now someone will write an article entitled, “How the iPhone Forever Changed the Offering.”  Why should we wait for an article years from now on that topic.  Let me write it NOW!

A few years ago a pastor asked me, “What trends do you see impacting the church in the future?”  I held up my iPhone and said, “This.”  The pastor was aghast at the answer.  Does anyone doubt now the impact of mobile devices?

250 million smartphones later we know the impact.  That is the number of smartphone just in the U.S. in 2019.  95% of all Americans own a cell phone.  The share of Americans that have a smartphone is at 77%.  Americans do everything with their smartphones, including shop! 

37% of in store retail sales are influenced by a shopper with a mobile device!  Smartphones and mobile devices are changing the way commerce is done in America.  Digital commerce is not something in the future, that future is here and it’s staying.  How many checks do you write a month?

So, back to the thought, “How the iPhone Changed the Offering.”  The iPhone, which started the smartphone revolution, has changed how Americans do commerce.  If 37% of a retail stores sales are influenced by mobile devices what does this say to the church?  In part it says…

People want to use what they find easy and they are comfortable with.

Our job is to provide that platform for them.  So, that is your first task.  Make sure you have a solid, stable and multi-option digital giving platform.  Here are some keys…

  • Set up and maintain a clearly visible and easily usable online platform on your church web site.  Make sure that site is enhanced for mobile viewing.
  • Provide text giving for those that do all their commerce with a smart device.  Think Millennials!
  • Provide tools and reminders show casing the many ways people can give at your church.  The picture on the left is what a client puts in their chair racks.  Creative things like this keeps online giving in your attendees minds.

The iPhone has indeed changed the offering.  The question is what are you going to do about it?

I have some ideas that can help you.  Let’t talk.

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach