I teach church leaders how to increase giving!

I teach church leaders how to increase giving!

When it comes to increasing giving in your church you must decide if you want to depend upon novices versus experts.  The other day I received an email hawking a preaching book.  I know the preacher in question.  He is a good guy.  Yet what amazed me is he is not the primary preacher at his church.  In fact he seldom preaches and for most of his life he was not in the ministry.  Does that disqualify him from having an opinion?  Absolutely not.  Yet if I am going to buy a book on sermon preparation I would rather buy it from someone who actually preaches week in and week out!

The same holds true for when it comes to increasing giving at your church.  You need help.  You need to increase giving.  So where would you turn?  The Internet is aflame with so called experts who promise to blast off your giving.  Yet ask yourself this question, where did they get their experience from?  How many churches have they served in?  How long were they in ministry before they started their sales business of charging steep fees and providing minimal help?  Is there focus upon helping you the individual or in building a business empire?  Will you be simply one of a thousand?

I have the experience you need and a proven track record of helping churches be fully funded.  I was a pastor for over twenty years.  I know what face.  I did not learn what I learned by focus groups or internet searches.  I have experienced it which gives me experience!  Not only have I been a pastor for over twenty years but…

I have helped scores of churches in nearly 17 years raise millions upon millions of dollars!  From guys like Joel Osteen, Ronnie Floyd and Jason Bunger I have helped pastors reach their giving goals.  Jason Bunger?  Yes, I serve the Jason Bungers of the world who pastor churches running 200 on a Sunday.  You might not have heard of Jason but then who outside of your circle has heard of you?  You are important to your flock and you deserve the same kind of support that the big churches get.

The Stewardship Coach gives you that experience for a price you can afford.  Compare us to Giving Rocket and see if you are not better off with our personalized approach to helping churches be fully funded.  There are multiple differences between the two approaches.  Here is a comparison…

Price – We are about half the monthly price as Giving Rocket.

Delivery – We send you your weekly offering talk to your inbox every Monday.  You don’t have to search for it on a website.

Personalization – You get my personal email and telephone number so that you get a personalized approach to increasing giving.

Weekly contact – Every Monday our members meet to hear key aspects on giving.  They have an opportunity to ask giving questions personally.

Experience – I have been there and done that AND I stay current on trends so that you get the best advice possible.

Seasonal Manuals – I write effective seasonal manuals like, “The Fully Funded Summer,” that members get for FREE!

Don’t you deserve better?  Give us a try and if you don’t like what you see I will fully refund your money.  Let me be your stewardship coach.  Join now at http://thestewardshipcoach.org/join-now/

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach

Coming soon Giving365.  Stay tuned for exciting news about how your church can be fully funded 365 days a year!


My mission is to reverse the decline in giving one church at a time!