If you are going to be fully funded this year you need to know how to make up a weather impacted offering.  Why?  Because it is not IF you will have weather impacting your services but WHEN.  From Florida to Maine and Alaska to California weather does impact churches on weekends.  One often overlooked results of bad weather is a bad offering!

What does poor weather have to do with your offering?  When the weather is poor people tend to stay indoors.  Attendance at your services will be lower.  When attendance is low your offering will be lower as a result.  You need some plan to recover from those kinds of weekends.

Yesterday as I was praying I felt God tell me to give away for free my help to churches impacted by the weather.  So, I am offering for free my manual, “Snowed Out: A Plan to Make Up a Weather Impacted Offering Weekend,” here at Snowed Out

As I write this America is recovering from one of the coldest weekends in its history.  Up and down the eastern seaboard churches were either closed on Sunday or their attendance was greatly impacted.  While most think of the loss of attendance I think of the lost offering and how that will impact churches being able to do the missions and ministry they have planned.  Without some plan of action to make up for that lost offering they are heading into the New Year already behind budget.

Do you have a plan to make up for a lost offering?  I am amazed at how many churches have cancellation plans for bad weather but have little to no plan when it comes to seeing giving stay steady.

Why is it that we have evangelism plans, discipleship plans, growth plans and mission plans and we don’t think about a plan to fund the other plans? Whatever the reason, the failure of good stewardship planning has caused many churches to miss fulfilling the other plans. We always say that the failure to plan is in reality planning to fail.

The number one way in which churches fail to plan is last minute actions.  I get phone calls almost weekly from desperate church leaders wanting me to help them with their giving.  Since my mother taught me to be nice I avoid saying, “Why have you waited so late!”  Instead, let me say it here, “Why are you waiting for a crisis in giving to start thinking about stewardship?”

So, again, it is inevitable that you will experience at least one weekend of poor weather that will impact your attendance.  The reality is that when snow falls and your services are cancelled very few of your members will be diligent to make that lost offering up the next time the plate is passed by them.  So, I wrote, Snowed Out so churches can make up those lost dollars!

Good stewardship results require advance planning!

So, let’s plan for that time so we can be ready.  I always say, “Get a plan and work your plan.”  The first step is to take the first step, plan!  Here are some thoughts to help you plan.

If you are saying, “Well, thanks Mark, that might help for the next time but what about making up what was lost this past weekend?”  My manual, Snowed Out has pre and post plans for weather.  You can act now and make up a significant chunk of what was lost this past weekend but you need to act fast.

It really is free and I believe it will help you make up for the lost offering you experienced.  Stop what you are doing right now and download the Snowed Out

Mark Brooks – The Stewardship Coach


My mission is to reverse the decline in giving one church at a time!